My second video lookbook! I called it Scandinavian Summer, because here in Scandinavia we are not necessary spoiled with the best wether during summer. However, colder days mean that you can still wear clothes, which give you more styling options 😉 Denim jackets, flared pants and maxi skirts with sneakers are some of my favourite combinations for …

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You know how at the beginning of the semester you promise yourself that you will study regularly, and than at the end of the semester you try to learn the whole curriculum in two weeks? I do that too. This semester was obviously no different. To my defence, I only spent 15 years in school so …

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  Do you know the feeling when you see a new trend, and you don’t like it and it kind of makes you happy, because you’re not one of this blind fashion victims following whatever everyone is following. That was the case with me when I’ve notice that the denim skirt has it come back, …

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I’m so excited to be back on my little blog! Exams are finally over (almost, I still have one more to go) and I don’t have to think anymore about Chinese characters or dynamics in Asia. Now I can think about good things in life, as pictures, clothes and summer.

My new love, white Nikes. I’ve been thinking about them for a long time and finally decided to make them mine when we arrived at the train station in Hamburg too early, and the Nike store happened to be just across the street. Destiny.

I’m a big big fan of denim and more is even better. Well maybe not in the case of Britney and Justin, but usually people menage to handle it very well. My oversized denim shirt is a find from one of my favourite places in this world, Urban Outfitters store in Copenhagen.

No more Asian adventures for me, at least for a while. The school and the real life has officially began. I got my super heavy books and I finally figured out how to check homework (after almost two weeks of school I must say..)