When to go?

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter it will be freaking hot anyways 😉 However, the best time to go is from November to February, that’s when the temperature is lowest aka 30 C degrees instead of 40 C degrees, and it doesn’t rain. It is important to keep in mind, that even though weather is the best during this time, it’s also Thailand’s main tourist season, which means that there will be people everywhere

Where to stay?

I stayed in a couple of different hotels in Bangkok, and my favourite was Terminal 21 Hotel (mainly because of the awesome rooftop pool). The hotel is located on top of Terminal 21 (shopping centre), and there are a lot of good restaurants in the mall and outside, plus it has direct access to BTS (metro). Ares of Bangkok that I would recommend to look into is either near Siam Paragon/ MBK (Bangkok’s main shopping area) or near Lumpini Park (the biggest park in central Bangkok).

What to see and do?

Here are my 10 top things to do/see in Bangkok  Continue reading

When I arrived in Bangkok, I didn’t really like this city that much, but when I was leaving I cried all the way to the airport. And let me tell you, these were not tears of joy.

Bangkok is a big city, it takes a while to get to the airport, so for approximately 20 kilometres, I couldn’t stop tears coming out of my eyes. I had the best time ever in this city and I really did not want to leave.

So I sad in a taxi next to my roommate Manon, and every time I tried to open my mouth to say something, I would burst into tears. We were on the way to Koh Samui, we booked a nice hotel with an infinity pool by the beach, and we were not happy at all, because we were both so sad about leaving Bangkok. So we just sat in the back of the cab, two blond girls crying, which must to have looked pretty weird.

Bangkok might not be the easiest city to love at first, but when you will actually get to know it, I guarantee you, you will fall in love, just like I did.

So here it is, why I didn’t like Bangkok in the beginning? Continue reading

I vlogged every day (almost 😉 ) to show you what my average week in Bangkok looked like 🙂

dsc_0129 I bought this sweater when I got back from Asia. I was in Warsaw, there was snow lying around and it was cold, so I decided to get myself a little welcome-to-the-cold present. Plus everybody needs a simple grey sweater, it’s easy to just throw on in the morning, you can wear it with everything, and it keeps you warm and cozy. Especially when you live in Denmark, staying warm and cozy at this time of the year is crucial.

Not so much in Gran Canaria where I took these pictures 😉 It was probably a little bit too warm for a sweater, but hey the background is just incredible! I love this lake, mountains and this little palm tree in the background. Especially at this time of the day when the sun is setting down, and you can see the mirror reflection in the lake, and everything looks soft and gold.

I love this place so much and I cannot resits taking as many pictures as possible when I’m there (plus the fact that I had my younger brother with me, who I can beg to take pictures of me, cannot go to waste 😉 ).

It’s beginning of March and Denmark is cold and grey, and I already really miss the sun. The good things is that after 6 months in sunny Southeast Asia I have tons of sunny videos and pictures to edit, so I can keep myself entertained 😉

sweater: Zara / jeasn: Mango / sunglasses: Ray Ban / shoes: Birkenstock dsc_0123dsc_0160dsc_0119


Maspalomas dunes are possibly the most impressive dunes I’ve ever seen in my life, not that I’ve seen that many dunes in my life, I’ve seen some in Vietnam, but so far Maspalomas Dunes in Gran Canria are still my number one 😉

The biggest problem with the dunes is that sometimes, or most of the time, it’s simply way too windy to walk around them. Sand and wind is not the easiest combination, so we always wait for a good-not-so-windy day (we watch the palm trees by the pool) to take a walk around the dunes.

And it is worth to wait for sure, the combination of huge piles of sand and dark blue ocean (not mentioning beautiful blue sky) creates incredible scenery. If you ever come to Gran Canaria don’t miss Maspalomas dunes! They are a great place for a walk, and obviously great place for pictures 😉

I was wearing possibly one of my favourite combinations ever, denim on denim. My denim shorts from Zara (the original pair is lost somewhere in Bali, but I managed to get exactly the same ones at winter sale in Warsaw) and one of the best pieces that I have in my wardrobe, my old but still very awesome, denim shirt from Urban Outfitters.

shirt: Urban Outfitters / shorts: Zara / sunglasses: Ray Ban img_7969_fotor_collageimg_7972

My mom and my brother img_7969_fotor_collage2


Those jeans were present that I got for myself for my name day. Yes in my family we actually celebrate name day. This year I celebrated in Bangkok with a couple of my friends by getting dinner at Mama Dolores, Italian/everything western restaurant in our neighbourhood. I didn’t shop much in Bangkok, I preferred spending my money on traveling, because when you live in Southeast Asia amazing travel opportunities are endless, but the next day I decided that I had to celebrate a little more, so I went shopping with my roomie Manon, and I got this pari of jeans.

What I love about them is that they are ripped (of course), jeans that are not ripped are not jeans for me, for some reason wholes in your pants make it all so much better.. Lately when I got back to cold Denmark, I realise that that I have nothing to wear, because all my pants are ripped. Ripped jeans are great, but when the temperature gets below zero they are not very practical.

They were also not very practical in Bangkok (life), because in Bangkok temperature rarely gets below 30 C, which  means that if I would wear jeans I would basically die (it’s too hot).

So after chilling for a couple of month in my closet I finally got to wear them in Gran Canaria, and just take a moment to appreciate these amazing palm trees and awesome architecture!

Gran Canaria is honestly one of the most photogenic places i know.

jeans: Mango / top:Gina Tricot / sunglasses: Ray Ban / shoes: Birkenstockdsc_0066 dsc_0100-1