Last week I finally did something that has been on my mind for a while, starting a Polish youtube channel!

As you know, I come from Poland and Polish is my mother tongue, and since I lived outside of Poland for more than half of my life now, sometimes I actually don’t get to speak Polish that often, and usually I just speak Polish with the same people (my mom and my cats). So there is just something nice about being able to speak Polish and, in a way, connect with Poland a little bit more through my videos.

My first vlog in Polish is just me hanging out in Copenhagen, going to school and having dinner with my colleagues in Kødbyen (meatpacking district of Copenhagen) and explaining how I randomly decided to vlog in Polish that one day in Bangkok (you can watch it on my English channel).

So if you speak Polish check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

xx Kaja


  1. LG Wexler says:

    Hi, i wanna comment about your video, i wanna represent chinese, and asia pqople to judge about it, haha, but its ok, i like picture about you, you have beautiful eyes and hair. then, have a good time in china, im also in china, near Shang Hai, i will go to the Shang Hai

  2. Super, że nagrałaś vloga po polsku! ❤

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