Long time no see, I know. I was going through a really busy time in my life, and my blog was simply just not a priority. I was actually even going thought a fase, where I was considering if I should even keep this blog, after all I’m not very active in here. I still love writing and I love taking pictures, but I just felt like I didn’t have enough hours in a day to go to school, go to work, make videos on my youtube channel and than write something for my blog as well. I really wish I had more time tho, if I could somehow stretch my days I would definitely post more. Long story short, I decided not to give up 😉 I have a lot of ideas for new blog post and tons of pictures I haven’t published, so this blog is not dying just yet!

These picture were taken quite a while ago in my hometown Wrocław. I was wearing one of my new favourite new finds, denim jacket with a tiger print on the back from Envii. If you’re ever in Denmark (not sure if they have stores outside of DK) and you’re into Scandinavian style definitely check out Envii’s shops, according to me, you can always find something nice there.

I’m way more active on my youtube channel, so check it out if you’re into vlogs or travle videos! I just posted a new video from a weekend trip to Greece this morning!

jacket: Envii / bag: Mulberry / pants: Zara / shoes: Adidas  

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