Finally, my first video after my semester abroad in Bangkok is here! I got back home from Thailand 4 months ago, but you know, better late than never 😉

To my defense, I can tell you that all my videos are pretty much 3 months delayed, which is actually not an accident. It was all part of a plan. I decided not to spend too much time on my computer and enjoy life as much as I could while I was still studying in Bangkok and then traveling around Asia, because I can tell you one thing, it was a very, very good life, so I just felt like it was important for me to be present and just simply enjoy it to the fullest, and I’m happy that I did.

Additionally, I figured that when I get back to cold Copenhagen, editing my videos from sunny Southeast Asia will be my fun activity during cold Danish evenings.

So that was all part of a master plan, but now Asia is done (for a while at least) and I’m back home making videos home in Denmark and home in Poland.

I have two days to hand in my bachelor thesis, so if I’m still alive after that, more videos will be coming very soon!

So I hope you will enjoy my vlog from my favourite Polish city, Warsaw, when there was still snow lying on the ground but it was super sunny and pretty! and I can tell you that the next vlog, that I filmed at my favourite European island and possibly favourite holiday destination in Europe, will be litter warmer 😉

I talk to you soon,


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