You know how some people get very upset if you were a band t-shirt when you’re actually not really a fan of this band? and you just bought it because it’s cool. That’s kind of the story of me and this t-shirt. I have no idea what American football is about, I have no idea what team it is, all I knew when I bought this t-shirt in Miami years ago was that I liked the colour. And you know what, today years later I still love the colour and I love this t-shirt, because it’s cool and it’s different 😉 It matched perfectly with my newest love (and everyone’s else love) yellow sunnies, black jeans and my beloved Birkenstocks.

I hope everyone’s week is better than mine! I’m just buried in books, and essays and theories and all these other things I wished I wouldn’t be buried in. As usual in spring I just cannot wait for exams to be over, so I can get my life back. Ahh that’s what you get when you decide to educated yourself.

sunglasses: H&M / bag: Zara / jeasn: Asos / shoes: Birkenstock

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