The spring has finally come to Copenhagen and life is so much nicer! Last Sunday I was actually able to go for a walk in the city with my family without wearing a jacket, yes, without any JACKET! which is not even that normal in Copenhagen at this time fo the year, so let me tell you, it was my lucky day. On top of that, I decided to go for a sunny trend that I’ve been seeing around lately, yellow sunglasses, and that also made my day much brighter. The thing about yellow sunglasses is that they make the whole world much happier when you put them on, and they look pretty cool 😉

The pink sweatshirt was an interesting case, one day I just thought to myself that I wish I had a pink sweatshirt, just pink with nothing else on it, the other day I went to a random shop “just to look not buy” and bum there was a pink sweatshirt, law of attraction? 😉

I took these pictures on top of Illum right before my pizza came (there is a great Italian restaurant on top of Illum). Illum is a shopping center in central Copenhagen, and last year they made a rooftop area, where there are restaurants and you can chill outside with a really nice view of Copenhagen, so if you ever around, I highly recommend it!

sweatshirt: Gina Tricot / jeans: Mango / sunglasses:H&M / sneakers: Adidas


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