dsc_0129 I bought this sweater when I got back from Asia. I was in Warsaw, there was snow lying around and it was cold, so I decided to get myself a little welcome-to-the-cold present. Plus everybody needs a simple grey sweater, it’s easy to just throw on in the morning, you can wear it with everything, and it keeps you warm and cozy. Especially when you live in Denmark, staying warm and cozy at this time of the year is crucial.

Not so much in Gran Canaria where I took these pictures 😉 It was probably a little bit too warm for a sweater, but hey the background is just incredible! I love this lake, mountains and this little palm tree in the background. Especially at this time of the day when the sun is setting down, and you can see the mirror reflection in the lake, and everything looks soft and gold.

I love this place so much and I cannot resits taking as many pictures as possible when I’m there (plus the fact that I had my younger brother with me, who I can beg to take pictures of me, cannot go to waste 😉 ).

It’s beginning of March and Denmark is cold and grey, and I already really miss the sun. The good things is that after 6 months in sunny Southeast Asia I have tons of sunny videos and pictures to edit, so I can keep myself entertained 😉

sweater: Zara / jeasn: Mango / sunglasses: Ray Ban / shoes: Birkenstock dsc_0123dsc_0160dsc_0119

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