Maspalomas dunes are possibly the most impressive dunes I’ve ever seen in my life, not that I’ve seen that many dunes in my life, I’ve seen some in Vietnam, but so far Maspalomas Dunes in Gran Canria are still my number one 😉

The biggest problem with the dunes is that sometimes, or most of the time, it’s simply way too windy to walk around them. Sand and wind is not the easiest combination, so we always wait for a good-not-so-windy day (we watch the palm trees by the pool) to take a walk around the dunes.

And it is worth to wait for sure, the combination of huge piles of sand and dark blue ocean (not mentioning beautiful blue sky) creates incredible scenery. If you ever come to Gran Canaria don’t miss Maspalomas dunes! They are a great place for a walk, and obviously great place for pictures 😉

I was wearing possibly one of my favourite combinations ever, denim on denim. My denim shorts from Zara (the original pair is lost somewhere in Bali, but I managed to get exactly the same ones at winter sale in Warsaw) and one of the best pieces that I have in my wardrobe, my old but still very awesome, denim shirt from Urban Outfitters.

shirt: Urban Outfitters / shorts: Zara / sunglasses: Ray Ban img_7969_fotor_collageimg_7972

My mom and my brother img_7969_fotor_collage2

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