Those jeans were present that I got for myself for my name day. Yes in my family we actually celebrate name day. This year I celebrated in Bangkok with a couple of my friends by getting dinner at Mama Dolores, Italian/everything western restaurant in our neighbourhood. I didn’t shop much in Bangkok, I preferred spending my money on traveling, because when you live in Southeast Asia amazing travel opportunities are endless, but the next day I decided that I had to celebrate a little more, so I went shopping with my roomie Manon, and I got this pari of jeans.

What I love about them is that they are ripped (of course), jeans that are not ripped are not jeans for me, for some reason wholes in your pants make it all so much better.. Lately when I got back to cold Denmark, I realise that that I have nothing to wear, because all my pants are ripped. Ripped jeans are great, but when the temperature gets below zero they are not very practical.

They were also not very practical in Bangkok (life), because in Bangkok temperature rarely gets below 30 C, which  means that if I would wear jeans I would basically die (it’s too hot).

So after chilling for a couple of month in my closet I finally got to wear them in Gran Canaria, and just take a moment to appreciate these amazing palm trees and awesome architecture!

Gran Canaria is honestly one of the most photogenic places i know.

jeans: Mango / top:Gina Tricot / sunglasses: Ray Ban / shoes: Birkenstockdsc_0066 dsc_0100-1

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