dsc_0074 dsc_0053_fotor_collageI’m currently in one of my favourite places ever, Gran Canaria. This is my 3rd time on this island, and possibly 3rd time attempting to take acceptable pictures in front of this edgy-looking fence and even more edgy-looking palm trees. Palm trees are my obsession, and endless source of inspiration. You take a palm tree, you pose in front of it, and you have a good picture.

I missed being surrounded by palm trees. In Bangkok I had a couple of them growing right in front of my window, ahh what a life. I miss it a lot.

Luckily I got a chance to go back to the summer for a little bit. After a couple of weeks in cold Denmark, warm and sunny getaway to Gran Canaria is just what I needed (and also what my new pink pants needed, no chance to wear them in Copenhagen at this time of the year, especially since it’s currently snowing). I got these pink pants on sale from Zara, very accidentally. I was searching for my favourite denim shorts that I somehow lost in Bali a couple of weeks ago (very weird, I’ve never lost a pair of pants), and than I found these pink pants, and since they were on sale already, and since I have exactly the same pair just in black, that are probably one of my favourite pair of pants ever, I thought why not? and what a great decision it was, I love them already, and they looked pretty nice with my simple Levis tee and all these beautiful palm trees 😉

t-shirt: Levis / pants: Zara / shoes: Birkenstockdsc_0110dsc_0102-1dsc_0038

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