I called Bangkok home for 5 months.

I had my own bed, I did laundry, I went to school, I had good days and bad days.

I lived in one of the biggest cities on earth, on the other side of the globe, almost 9000 km from home. In a tropical, exotic country, with white sand beaches, elephants, countless temples and crazy taxi drivers.

It’s one of these things that I will be able to brag about the rest of my life. You know, just casually mentioning in conversations, that I used to live in Bangkok and every other weekend I would go on mini getaways to nearby islands. If I ever have kids, it will be one of these things, that I will be telling them about over and over again. And whenever someone will mention Bangkok my heart will get a little warm, because the memory of these 5 months will always be very special.

I lived in a country with palm trees and countless skyscrapers, growing right in front of my window, and occasional lizards sneaking into my apartment (which almost gave me a little heart attack the first time I saw a bright green lizard chilling right by the kitchen sink). 

img_6932I’m back home in Denmark now, and just thinking about Bangkok makes me a little sad, I’m sad that I’m not there. It’s almost hard to believe that Bangkok still exists, it’s still the same crazy, humid, mess, mess that I learned to love. I learned to love Bangkok, with its pros and cons. It’s not an easy city to love at first. It’s a little crazy, it’s big and unpredictable, always too hot and always a little too loud, but it definitely is loveable. You just need to get used to it. And after a while even the annoying taxi drivers stop annoying you. They become normal, it becomes normal that once in a while (or most of the time) you’re either being refused for some reason, taken to a wrong destination or you’re simply getting ripped off. As my mom says, you can get used to everything, and I sure did get used to Bangkok. I not only got used to it. I had the time of my life in this city, and right now I don’t even know where to start.

So I will try to go slow, and start from the beginning.
I went to Bangkok to study. I got accepted for an exchange, and I was able to do a semester abroad in Chulalongkorn University. And yes it took me at least one month before I learned how to spell the name of my new university.

People in Thailand call it Chula. Chula was the very first university in Thailand, it was build by the Thai king and today is the best university in the country. It’s located in the heart of Bangkok, only 5 minutes shuttle bus ride from Siam Paragon, Thailand’s most luxurious shopping center, which offers everything your heart desires, from decent European bread to Maserati (yes there is an actually shop selling Maseratis inside of the mall, there is also one selling Ferraris and Bentleys, and they change them up every week, because who wants to look at the same old Ferrari more than 7 days in a row??).
img_6913Every day on my way to class, I would stop to admire the view. Chula is located in the middle of Bangkok surrounded by all the colourful skyscrapers, which means that you have a choice of either looking at your teacher or at Bangkok’s skyline, and I can tell you that Bangkok does have a pretty impressive skyline. There are so many skyscrapers, that sometimes it seems that the city never ends, and it doesn’t really, it’s home to 15 million people! So every single morning, even thought I was usually late, I didn’t feel bad about stoping for a little bit just to admire the view, with a cup of my 10 bath coffee with condensed milk from canteen in hand, feeling very happy, that for some reason I found myself living in this wild city.

Chula was great. I really loved it, and every day of my school week, which lasted 3 days from Tuesday to Thursday, I was happy to get up in the morning and to go to my Thai university in my Thai uniform.

We would wear uniforms to school, white shirts, brown belts with school logo and dark blue skirts, and luckily, since Thai girls are usually shorter than me, the skirt didn’t seem too long on me. I actually really liked wearing my uniform, it made me feel like I belonged, with my blond hair and fair skin (fair according to an Clinique expedient, she explained to me that they unfortunately didn’t sell shade of the powder that I was looking for because it was TOO LIGHT! yes too light, in Denmark there is only one shade of Clinique powder that is darker than what I use). Wearing uniform had some other advantages as well, I’ve noticed that when I was trying to cross busy streets without street lights, cars would stop much quicker when I was wearing my uniform than when I would wear regular clothes. Plus sometimes tourists would stare at me, with wide open yeas, whispering to each other, which was kind of funny.

School was fun, but what was even more fun, was what came after, the weekend, and in Thailand my weekend lasted full 4 days, just enough time for a getaway to Cambodia, or two parties followed by to hang over days, and some school work in between.

But more about that in next episode of my exciting life in Thailand.

I talk to you soon.


check out my videos if you want to see more of my life in Bangkok 🙂 img_2914_fotor_collage Uniform life img_3504View from the school, that I would see everyday on my way to classes, pretty incredible right?img_0253_fotorimg_0426img_1613_fotor_collage img_0277 img_0403         img_1707 img_0865-1    img_0111 img_0115  img_0391  img_0449   img_1242   img_1608 img_1871   img_2369

6 thoughts on “5 MONTHS IN BANGKOK

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  2. Eh Hser Nay Taw says:

    Hi Kaja,
    I saw your youtube post about studying abroad at Chula and I was wondering how the application process went for you? I want to do an exchange program at Chula but my college is not a partner school and the application looks hard. If you don’t mind me asking you a few questions about the process, can you please email me back?
    Thank You,
    Eh Hser Nay Taw

    1. bykaja says:

      Hi, my uni had a partnership with Chula that’s why I didn’t have to apply through chula but through my own school, so i’m afraid that i don’t really know anything about the application process through Chula. I Hope you will figure it out!

  3. Pong says:

    Hi Kaja…
    Today I’am really take time watching you video as living in Asia and poland… I’am Thai people and thank you for your made some impression and show really nice place as I never been there before….. Hope to following you video and meet you in thai again….. Keep in touch !! ^____^

    PS : I’am very like many song in your video It’s really attracetive. Looking forward to listen any song onward.

  4. Youi says:

    Hey, I’ve been thinking about doing an exchange at Chulalongkorn aswell. I was wondering where you stayed and how much money did you bring to thailand for your whole exchnage period.

    1. bykaja says:

      I stayed at Nonsi Residence, with money it’s hard to say it all depends on your lifestyle, but life in Thailand is pretty affordable. Rent at Nonsi is around 15.000 bath as far as I can remember.

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