If you’re looking for some pretty walls in Bangkok Grand Palace is the place to go 😉

I know, long time no see. I haven’t been very active in here for the past couple of weeks, but I really want to change that.

I arrived in Bangkok exactly 6 weeks ago, and it’s been very intense 6 weeks. I’ve done so much, that I don’t even know where to begin. During these 6 weeks I’ve already been on 3 weekend trips, which is probably the most amazing thing about living in Thailand. You’re abel to travel so much here! It’s not very expensive and there is so much to see! Thailand really is an amazing country. So you can expect posts from Koh Samet (a little beautiful island located on the east cost of Thailand), Chiang Mai (Thailand’s third biggest city) and Ko Pha Ngan (full moon part island, oh yes) coming very soon!

Beside traveling to exotic islands I go to school, sometimes I even try to study, I eat a lot of fried rice and curry and I go out, and that’s pretty much it, so not time for blogging 😉 but I’ve been a little more productive when it comes to my videos (already two up, and third one in the making!) so check them out! and I talk to you soon!

One thought on “PRETTY WALLS

  1. alice says:

    Oh wow, so cool!

    Alice Cerea

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