IzmkenijoneMG_0118_Fotor_Collage_FotorI’m currently editing my first photo diary from Portugal, and thought that I will quickly share these snaps from yesterday.

I’m back in Copenhagen, and for once, I’m actually happy to be here. I will be home for around two weeks and than I’m leaving for Thailand, and I will be gone for probably around 6 months, which makes me appreciate being home way more than I normally would. It’s nice to just hang out, not doing much, just catching up on editing and trying to take my working out game to the next level, which means, trying to work out every day ;D

Anyways yesterday, my friend and I had a coffee and she took a couple of snaps of what I was wearing. My idea of comfy look, appropriate for summer in Scandinavia 😉 so obviously bare legs and sneaks combination, and not just any sneaks, white sneaks (approximately more than half of Denmark’s population wears white sneakers during summer) my new fav denim shorts and an old fav, vintage Cowboys sweatshirt, that I got in Hamburg last Christmas.

x Kaja

sneakers: Adidas / sweatshirt: vintage / shorts: Zara


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