IMG_0372 I’ve been trying to squeeze in some time to post here for a while now, but it was simply so hard. I guess you could say I was busy. Busy living life, and doing the best of the best, which is obviously traveling and chilling 😉

First I went to Portugal with my fam. We had a great week traveling through Southern Portugal, to be more precise Algarve, which is one of the most beautiful places in Europe for sure. Tons of pictures coming soon (and two videos from the trip already up on my youtube channel!). Than I chilled a bit at home, than I spent a couple of days in my second home, Warsaw. Chilled a bit more, hang out with friends, eat a lot of delicious Polish food, went for multiple long walks around the city. I even went out to party, and surpassingly, possibly first time in many many years, I felt all right the day after!

Now I’m home in Denmark, chilling a bit more, not doing much at all, just editing my videos, looking through pictures, working out occasionally (got to get ready for a half year long bikini season!) and getting ready to leave for Thailand in about 3 weeks.

These are one the first pictures, that I took when we arrived in Portugal. The first day we went for a walk before dinner, and I saw this street and I knew it. It could possibly be more perfect for a good outfit shot 😉 White wall (!) pink flowers (!) and palm trees in the background (!). It can’t get much better if you ask me 😉

t-shirt: Zara / skirt: Cubus / headband: Missoni / shoes: Birkenstock / sunnies: Ray Ban


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