I don’t really know what is it that Calvin Klein does, but they take a piece of fabric, write Calvin Klein on it, and it’s cool.

I guess that’s because simplicity is always the best option, isn’t it? I always find myself being most drown into the simple pieces in my wardrobe, basic colours, good quality fabric, simple cuts. My favourite clothes are just always quite simple really. This crop top is definitely one of them. It’s really nice and soft, good fabric, you can actually breath in it on a warm summer day, which is always a plus 😉 The shorts are from Asos, and are just one of these pieces that you can wear with everything. Unfortunately for some reason I got them in “super tall”, option that Asos has, which is awesome for super tall people, but let me tell you, with my 170cm i don’t think I’m in this category, which is a shame 😉

Picture are taken in Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria, which is probably my dream place for outfit pictures, and pretty much all other pictures. It’s full of beautiful plants, palm trees, colourful flowers, plus the mountains in the background, plus the blue sky and sun. It can’t really get much better.

top: Calvin Klein / shorts: Asos / shoes: Birkenstock DSC02112  DSC02135  IMG_9648

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