I grew up in Wrocław, not far away from Polish mountains. I started skiing when I was 6 years old. In the winter we would often go skiing in the nearby resorts, and twice a year we would go skiing in the Alps. These trips are some of my favourite memories from my childhood. We were always a bunch of kids having fun together, skiing all day, eating pancakes with Nutella and playing in Kinder Club. In the early years, Kinder Club was the highlight of my stay in the Alps. It’s basically a place where parents put their kids, if they want to get ride of them for a while and go skiing alone. I used to love being there! It was so much fun. They had all kinds of cool toys and the best of the best, special painting that you could put on glass. So yes, I spent my early years in the Alps in Kinder Clubs painting cats (so I could put them on the windows of my bedroom later). It was awesome.

When I got little older, too old to be considered as a potential member of Kinder Club, I started to notice the unique atmosphere of the Alps, clean and fresh air, beautiful architecture, amazing food and I actually started to really enjoy skiing. Skiing and later snowboarding were a big part of my life for years. I always really enjoyed it and it was something I was always really looking forward to. But than I went to China, and things changed. 

I lived in Shanghai for one year, and for the first time in probably 15 years, I didn’t go skiing. I was too consumed by Asia, by its exotic beaches and crazy cities, by this new world that opened up for me out of nowhere. For the past couple of years I wanted to explore Asia and I forgot about my love for the Alps.

However, this year I stared to miss it again.

I started missing skiing, going down the sunny slopes, surrounded by incredible view of mountains covered in snow, having delicious lunches outside and in general this unique atmosphere that you can’t really describe. It just something, that you have to experience.

So this year, at the end of April, I went back to Austria, and I had a bless.

The cheapest flights we could find were to Munich, so after a 1,5 hour flight from Copenhagen, we had to make our way down to Ischgl. It took us about 5 hours and multiple train rides, which were actually really enjoyable. Train rides through Austria are probably some of the most beautiful rides you can take in Europe. Being able to see green fields, small Austria towns and mountains passing by outside of the window, is an awesome experience itself.

In Ischgl, we stayed right in the heart of the town, with the lift literally in front of our front door. Every morning we had cereals with blueberries for breakfast, and than we would spend most of the day in the winter wonderland skiing.

It’s such a funny feeling, when you go skiing at the end of April, you experience both season, spring and winter, technically at the same time. Down in the valley, where we stayed, the temperature often went up to 20 C degrees, and than a 15 minutes lift ride up to the mountains would transport you to a whole different world, where everything was white and you had to wear gloves. In the evening we would take walks around the town and nearby fields, chill in our cozy apartment and film “Ischgl Wrecking Ball edition” (check out my vlog for that 😉 ) Overall it was a super awesome week!

Alps are truly an incredible place. I would recommend everyone to give it a try!

If you want to see more check out my vlogs from my trip to Austria! 🙂

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