DSC_0007 DSC_0059 I’m still pretty much in the middle of my exams, so to spice things up (as much as you can spice studying up..) I decided to go and study in this new coffee shop, that I spotted a couples of days earlier. I am usually the kind of person that needs peace and quite to study, if there is anyone around me that is willing to listen to me I will talk to them, and not get much done.

Sometimes, to stop myself from talking or checking youtube every 5 minutes, I try to study in the library. CBS has a pretty nice library, which is probably the only places beside my own house, where I kind of like study. However lately Copenhagen has been crazy hot, yes I men it, it’s actually hot here. It was about 27 C degrees today! It’s a pretty big deal around here, we usually don’t get that much heat at all, but it also means that our fancy library with huge windows (which unfortunately you can’t open..) is not the greatest place to be.

So I was studying in a coffee shop which happened to be right by Strøget, the longest shopping street in Europe aka paradise. I promised myself that i will not go shopping, but than I saw Bik Bok, and I realised that I havn’t been in Biko Bok for years! so I obviously had to stop by. The result is this awesome colourful kimono.

I’ve been really into the whole kimono trend lately. I feel like they are pretty unique and they make every outfit a bit more special. Even though Bik Bok had exactly the same kimono in black, I decided to be adventurers and go for the colour, and I’m pretty happy that I did. It’s probably one of my favourite pieces in my closet right now. You can easily dress it up and down, wear it on a night out, or with denim and white sneakers, which is obviously what I did 😉

kimono: Bik Bok / sunglasses: Ray Ban / jeans: Envii / shoes: AdidasDSC_0043DSC_0060DSC_0070

2 thoughts on “KIMONO

  1. Caroline Abildgaard says:

    Did you buy the kimono online, and if so, do you have a link to it? I can´t find it on their website :))

    1. bykaja says:

      i bought it in the store, but it was probably 2 years ago 😉

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