You know how at the beginning of the semester you promise yourself that you will study regularly, and than at the end of the semester you try to learn the whole curriculum in two weeks? I do that too.

This semester was obviously no different. To my defence, I only spent 15 years in school so far….

The scary/ good (?) thing is that I’m in my 3rd year of bachelor right now, so I might not have that much more time to finally learn what regularly study habits are.

Exams time is probably the hardest time of the year. I always feel like I’m doing well and everything is under control, and than the exams come and I realise nothing is under control. When I was debating with myself how to call this post, the name exam coma, came out of nowhere, and seemed just perfect to describe my current state. Exams make you kind of crazy. You’re in your own little world, buried in books and regrets, separated form the rest od the society (beside desperate Facebook conversation with fellow classmates). The good news is that, I’m currently done with my finance exam, which is a a huge relief, if you ever had corporate finance in school, you might know, that it’s a very scary thing.

PS: You might be wondering why am I complaining about exams, and at the same time posting picture of myself casually strolling around the port? well these were taken quite a while ago, when the exam fever didn’t get me yet, and I had a nice afternoon with a friend, catching up, eating Sushi and enjoying life.

I need to get back to work now, Chinese is calling.

jacket: Carin Wester / jeans: Envii / sneakers: Adidas 


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