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We didn’t plan going to Da Nang. We were very close to missing out on this paradise, and I must admit, it was pretty much my fault.

I simply love planing travels, there is nothing better than sitting by my desk in Copenhagen, while its still cold and grey outside, and planing exotic trips to far away countries.

I just enjoy it so much.

This time it wasn’t different. My friends pretty much let me plan our whole trip to Vietnam, so I watched videos, read multiple articles, blogs and forums, and planned the trip step by step. Somehow my friends managed to stop me from booking a couple of accommodations so we could be more adventurous and do it in Vietnam along the way.

The last stop of our trip was supposed to be Hoi An, a cute, little, historic town in the middle of Vietnam. Since Hoi An is about 800 km from Ho Chi Minh City, we decided that the smartest option would be to book a flight, which costed only 20 euro, back to HCMC. Since Hoi An is an quite small town and it doesn’t have an airport, in order to fly you have to go to Da Nang, which is Vietnam’s 5th largest city, located by the coast, about 25 km from Hoi An.

As a responsible traveler I googled Da Nang to see if that’s something we should consider. I went through pictures, and immediately decided that it’s not anything worth checking out. Da Nang looked like a pretty average, big city, with nothing interesting to see. Don’t ask me why i came up with this conclusion, I guess my google game wasn’t very strong at that time… It’s a great life lesson for the future, google is not always right.

So the plan was to stay in Hoi An for 4 nights and than take a taxi to Da Nang airport to catch our flight, but I guess Da Nang was simply meant to be. One day in Hoi An (after chasing a huge cockroach in our room) we decided that we had enough of Hoi An, and we are ready for another adventure, so we cancelled the last night in our hostel, and booked one night stay in Da Nang. We packed our backpacks, went out on the street to find a taxi, and half an hour later we were in Da Nang.

As soon as we got there I realise that google fooled me, because Da Nang was beautiful. It’s located right be shimmering blue ocean, with crazy long, wide, white sand beaches, surrounded by beautiful palm trees and green hills.

The city itself is a small and more calm version of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s more relaxed, clean and quite colourful as well. It has this unique bye-the-ocean holiday vibe. Additionally it’s not the most popular tourist destination so you can really find nice cheap accommodations. We stayed in a nice hotel by the beach, with awesome rooftop pool, for 14 euro each.

We spent that day exploring the city and visiting one of the most popular attractions in Da Nang, Phap Lam Pagoda also known as Lady Buddha. It’s a beautiful Buddhist statue and a colourful temple on top of a green hill, surrounded by nature, overlooking the ocean and the city. Amazing place, a definite must.

We ended the day with a walk on the beach, following by two huge plates of fruits and tea at a trendy rooftop restaurant by the river in central Da Nang (we assumed it was trendy, because it was full of young people taking multiple selfies).

It was definitely one of the best days in Vietnam, and I can’t wait to be back in Da Nang one day.

If you want to see my vlog from Da Nang check out my youtube channel! 🙂

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