DSC01551DSC01615DSC01577DSC01562DSC01354DSC01478After spending the whole day chilling at the beach, sipping ice coffee, getting massages and admiring the city from our rooftop pool, we left Nha Thrang.

At 7pm, the bus picked us up from our hotel, and we spent the whole night driving from Nha Trang to Hoi An. This 500 km drive took us about 12 hours, most of it I slept. Luckily because even thought Vietnamese sleeping buses are quite comfortable form of traveling, 12 hours in any kind of vehicle is usually not fun.

The only thing I remember from the journey was the short stop in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. I’m not sure what time it was, I woke up when they turned the lights on (for some reason the lights in Vietnamese sleeping buses are red and purple, which makes you feel like you’re in a nightclub). Everybody started getting off the bus, so I stood up and went out too. It turned out it was a toilet stop. I feel like the word toilet sounds way to grand from what was pretty much a few holes in a ground in a middle of a field. Probably the most traumatising toilet experience of my life.

We arrived in Hoi An, the city of yellow houses, channels and colourful lanterns, at 7am, and made our way to our hostel. We had quite high expectations of Hoi An, because as no one seemed to like Nha Trang, every one seemed to love Hoi An. Some people even sad that Hoi An was their favourite place in Vietnam! To be honest I can’t really agree with that. I did like Hoi An. It’s a great city. It’s unique, different from the rest of the country, interesting from cultural and historical point of view, but it’s also very touristy. There are tourist literally everywhere, and the whole city looses it charms because of hundreds of shops selling exactly the same tourist souvenirs at tourist friendly prices (which means high).

I am not saying we didn’t have fun in Hoi An, we definitely did.

Every morning we had banana pancakes, fresh watermelon and delicious powder coffee (jokes) for breakfast. We would walk around the charming, narrow, ancients streets, and channels, where only bikes and pedestrian are allowed, which makes your life in Vietnam a lot easier. We would buy whole lots of unnecessary things, watch locals selling fruits and veggies at the market, and try local street food. My favourite were the freshly made donuts, which Hoi An is known for, there were warm, very surgery and sooo good. We also went on a trip to My Son, which is ruin of an old Hindu temple, about one hour drive from Hoi An.

My favourite thing that we did in Hoi An was the bike trip. In general biking around Hoi An is a popular activity among tourists. The city is not that big, and the traffic not that crazy, and many hotels offer free bikes for their guest, and so did our hostel.

We went on a bike trip with some other girls from our hostel. We bike trough the city, trough the rice fields (which are incredible) and than to the beach, which is about 5 km from Hoi An, where we played with tinny, cute kittens (obviously ny favourite part of the day, both kittens and rice fields)

After three days in Hoi An, we decided to be adventures and we cancelled our last night in the hostel, more on that coming soon

if you want to see my adventures in Vietnam in motion check out my videos! 🙂

IMG_9294DSC01346 DSC01331 DSC01333   DSC01624DSC01558DSC01341 DSC01576DSC01337DSC01344  DSC01350 DSC01353  DSC01356 DSC01390 DSC01391 DSC01404  DSC01416  DSC01329DSC01442 DSC01475  DSC01486 IMG_9214 DSC01500  DSC01535 DSC01533DSC01542 DSC01544 DSC01545 DSC01547   DSC01560  DSC01565 DSC01567   DSC01584 DSC01585 DSC01593 DSC01603 DSC01612    DSC01647 DSC01652 DSC01657 DSC01661 DSC01664

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