DSC01256DSC01244IMG_9184DSC01299Nha Trang turned out to be a big surprise. Good surprise. It really thought me that it’s not always a good idea to listen to what people say, and it’s always worth to check things out yourself, and make up your own mind.

While planing our trip to Vietnam, we asked friends and people we knew who traveled to Vietnam, what places they would recommend us. No one recommended Nha Trang.

People sad it was a big, busy, dirty city, with tons of annoying tourists and nothing interesting to see. So at first we decided not to go, but than we realised that the bus ride from Mui Ne to Hoi An (where we were heading after Mui Ne) would take around 18-20 hours! 20 hours in a bus is not fun, even when it’s a sleeping bus, so we decided to stay in Nha Trang for one night, to split the journey in half.

We arrived in Nha Trang in the evening, after waking up at 4 am to see the sunrise over the dunes in Mui Ne and driving about 5 hours in a bus. We were really tired, so we had dinner in a nice outdoors restaurant close to our hotel and went to bed. Even thought it was dark I already had a good feeling about Nha Trang. We managed to find a great deal on booking.com, so we lived on 16th floor, with a great view over the city. Plus our hotel had a rooftop pool, and I love rooftop pools.

The next morning we woke up to a stunning view, and I realised that the feeling was right.

Nha Trang really wasn’t that bad.

Yes, it’s a big, modern city, so if you’re looking for wooden houses and exotic forests, that’s not where you will find it, but I personally find cities really interesting and inspiring as well. With its many white and blue buildings, green palm trees, beach and blue water, it reminded me a bit of Miami. Our rooftop pool turned out to be a bless, the view was freaking amazing. It felt so good swimming in the water on 20th something floor, overlooking blue sea, green islands and the white city.

After breakfast, we explored the city, my friends got their nails done, I got a massage. Later in the day we also accidentally found out that our hotel had its own beach area, so we spent the last hours of the day chilling at the beach, sipping sweet Vietnamese ice coffee. Good times.

So give Nha Trang a chance, you never know, you might like it as well 😉

In the evening we took a night bus to Hoi An to continue our journey, more on that coming soon.

If you want to see my Vietnam adventures in motion check out my videos! 🙂

DSC01252DSC01224 DSC01240  DSC01245 DSC01262DSC01250        DSC01290 DSC01294  DSC01254DSC01308 DSC01310 DSC01312


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