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Click here if you want to check out Mekong Delta day one!

The first day of our Mekong Delta trip was already pretty intense. We woke up at 6am, we got on a bus, we drove for hours (although distance wasn’t the issue, but the crazy traffic and lack of good roads) than we saw and experience as much as you possibly can in one little day.

We sailed through rivers, channels and palm tree forests. We went to a few river islands, we visited a beautiful temples, we had a traditional Vietnamese lunch, tasted some exotic fruits and watched Vietnamese performers. 

After all that we were informed, that the next day the tour will start at 6.30am. We arrived at our hotel in Can Tho at 9pm, and I collapsed. I was too tired to go out and have dinner, which in my case is a very, very rare circumstance. I can probably count on my fingers, the times that I was too tired to eat. It just never happens.

The next day we woke up at 6, went down for breakfast and had some eggs, with Vietnamese baguette and ice coffee. Vietnamese baguettes were lifesavers in Vietnam. They are so freaking delicious!

The thing I often struggle the most with, when I’m traveling in Asia, is breakfast. I love Asian food, but eating noodles or rice for breakfast is just not my thing. So being able to have a nice, fresh piece of bread for breakfast, just made my mornings so much better.

The reason why we had to wake up so early is to see the floating market, one of the highlights of my whole trip to Vietnam. The market starts early in the morning, and ends somewhere around the noon. Hundreds of boats and sellers come to the river in Can Tho every morning to sell their products directly out of their boats. Our tour guide told us, that many more used to come, and today this tradition is slowly vanishing. It’s one of these things that you have to hurry up to see before it disappears completely!

There was something magical about sailing through the river at 7am, watching the boats full of fruits, veggies and drinks. Sipping Vietnamese style ice coffee (which is by the way a must try! it’s quiet strong, sweet and delicious, served with condensed milk!). A very unique and unforgettable experience.

Later we went to a fruits farm, where we had some crazy delicious dragon fruits, papayas and mangos. Those kinds of moments are the small things that I love the most about traveling. Being able to sit in a forest, surrounded by beautiful nature, with your friends, snacking on fresh, exotic fruits. It’s not something I get to do a lot home in Copenhagen. Also check out the pictures of dragon fruit trees! I had no idea that they grow like that! They look a bit like aliens.

We ended the day driving for a couple of hours to the border with Cambodia. We drove through little towns and villages, passing by a tremendous amount of colourful houses, motorbikes, rice fields and coconuts stands. And for some reason, every little town had it own shop with bridal gowns.

We arrived at the Chùa Phước Điền temple just about for the golden hour. It was located on top of a hill, and it was beautiful.

Fun fact, when we arrived at the temple, we were all exhausted. It was really hot, the AC in our bus wasn’t great, we were all sweating. We didn’t eat much for lunch and I got car sick. We all agreed on, that the temple was beautiful and all that, but was it really worth it to drive all that way to see it?

Now I can definitely say, yes, it was SO worth it!

Just looking back at the pictures, this temple was incredibly beautiful, so colourful, full of flowers, statues and paintings. Additionally the view overlooking, little town and rice fields, was breathing. Not mentioning the fact, that we got to wear those red skirts to cover our legs, which looked very zen 😉

We spent the night in Tan Chau, which we thought was a little town, somewhere near the border of Vietnam and Cambodia, but it turned out, that 200.000 people live there, so it’s basically the size of second biggest city in Denmark.

For some reason it took us about an hour to find a restaurant to eat dinner in Tan Chau. I’m not sure if we did something wrong, or if the city is just not very touristy. I obviously didn’t find it very funny or adventures back than, but now I think it was quiet interesting. Usually people go on one night trip to Mekong Delta, we went on a two nights trip, which means that not many tourists get to Tan Chau.

The next day we went back to Ho Chi Minh City. We spent 8 hours in a tinny Vietnamese bus driving from Tan Chau to Ho Chi Minh, than we waited in HCM for a couple of hours and took an awesome sleeping bus to Mui Ne. Drove for another 5 hours, and arrived in Mui Ne in the middle of the night, where a guard who didn’t speak a word of English didn’t want to let us in the hotel we booked and kept pointing somewhere in the dark.

More on that coming soon! 😉

If you want to see Mekong Delta in motion check out my video!

DSC00714_Fotor DSC00718_Fotor DSC00720_Fotor  DSC00737_Fotor DSC00746_Fotor Floating market in Can ThoDSC00804_Fotor DSC00807_Fotor  Dragon fruit tree, crazy right?DSC00811_Fotor  DSC00816_Fotor  DSC00819_FotorDSC00826_Fotor DSC00828_Fotor DSC00831_Fotor DSC00833_Fotor DSC00835_Fotor Chùa Phước Điền temple DSC00842_Fotor  DSC00854_Fotor  DSC00869_Fotor DSC00890_Fotor DSC00893_FotorDSC00894  DSC00904 DSC00907 Tan Chau DSC00909 DSC00912  DSC00924  DSC00928 DSC00932 DSC00934  DSC00944DSC00962 DSC00968 DSC00969 DSC00972 DSC00975Our awesome sleeping bus that took us to Mui Ne


  1. Rachel Sales says:

    Hi Kaja,
    Your travels in Vietnam sound wonderful. I’m the editor of Pink Pangea (www.pinkpangea.com), and I’d like to know if you’d be interested in writing about your travels for the site. If so, get in touch at rachel@pinkpangea.com.


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