I can’t even believe that I was wearing this not so long time ago, and most important of all, I can’t believe that I still felt, that it was too hot, even for that. It feels very surreal right now, when I sit at my Uni’s library, looking out at freezing Copenhagen. Life is funny, it’s always either too hot or too cold, right? The day I took those pictures was definitely in the “too hot” category. We were in the very South part of Vietnam, in Mekong Delta, and the temperature was somewhere around 38 C degrees. It’s also a very humid area, and who ever traveled to Southeast Asia knows, that humidity there can be insane! but life was still very good, I mean just look at these colours! Beautiful green palm trees are one of my favourite things in this world, and dream background for pictures. It was sunny and beautiful, we were sailing on boat all day long, visiting floating market and fruit farm. It was also a very intense trip, we would wake up at 6 am, every day, and explore all day long (Mekong Delta photo diary coming soon!) and on days like this, what you see here is what I would call my go to tourist outfit. It might not be very ground breaking, but on a hot day full of activities in an exotic country, I wouldn’t dream about wearing anything tight or uncomfortable. Simple black t-shirt, necklaces from a Thai market, shorts that were probably meant for working out, but I kind of like to wear them on a daily basis and my Birkenstocks.

t-hirt: Envii / shorts: H&M / shoes: Birkenstock / sunglasses: Ray Ban

DSC00764_Fotor   DSC00779_Fotor DSC00796_Fotor

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