Vietnam has always been on top of my bucket list. There is something about this country, that has always made me very curious. The Vietnamese hats, green rice fields, sunny beaches, palm trees, Pho and spring rolls…

The idea of making this dream into reality, came up when my fall semester schedule was revealed. I didn’t have any classes in January, which meant that if I would pass all my exams in December, I would have the whole January left to my imagination, and is there anything better than a thought of backpacking in warm, beautiful and sunny Southeast Asia in January, when temperature in Copenhagen is usually somewhere around 0 C degree? 

So on 6th of January, when Copenhagen felt like one big refrigerator, I took 3 flights, Copenhagen – Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf-Abu Dhabi and finally Abu Dhabi-Ho Chi Minh City.

I was supposed to be traveling around Vietnam with my friends from High School, but since one of them was in Australia finishing her semester abroad, and the other one had an exam in the beginning of January, I decided to come to Vietnam alone, a few days before my friends would arrive. And I am really glad that I did that.

Traveling with friends is awesome. I would definitely not want to travel alone for too long, I just don’t think it’s my thing, but being alone for a couple of days is actually quiet fun. Being alone in a foreign country and exploring on your own is very different and interesting experience, you notice so much more of your surroundings, you get to do whatever you want and you get to spend time with yourself, and how often in life do we actually get a chance to do that?

I landed late in the evening, after 25 hours of traveling, and thanks to my dear friend Sarah (who used to live in Ho Chi Minh and explained to me how to get a taxi from the airport and not get ripped off) I managed to get to my hotel without any difficulties. Years of traveling have thought me one thing, if you can survive getting from the airport to your hotel, it’s a good sign. For some reason this very first part of the journey can often be the most difficult one, and if you are a girl and a tourist on top of that, your chances of getting into troubles are unfortunately quite big.

I got into my room, changed into a bikini, went for a late night swim in the rooftop pool overlooking shining lights of Ho Chi Minh City, ordered a pizza (I know, traveling to the other side of the world for a pizza..) watched some Kpop videos and felt asleep feeling very happy.

and here is the first part of my Ho Chi Minh photo diary, more coming soon 😉

If you want to see me being on a plane for 25 hours and hanging out around Ho Chi Minh City on my own check out my vlog! 🙂

DSC00319_FotorDSC00250_FotorDSC00177_FotorDSC00125_Fotor DSC00303_FotorDSC00316_Fotor  DSC00324_Fotor   DSC00150_FotorDSC00342_FotorDSC00129_Fotor DSC00139_Fotor     DSC00178_Fotor DSC00184_Fotor DSC00146_FotorDSC00189_Fotor DSC00206_Fotor DSC00208_Fotor DSC00209_FotorDSC00223_Fotor DSC00238_Fotor DSC00248_Fotor  DSC00252_Fotor DSC00256_Fotor DSC00264_Fotor DSC00277_Fotor DSC00286_Fotor DSC00288_Fotor DSC00290_Fotor DSC00295_Fotor  DSC00306_Fotor  DSC00314_Fotor


  1. Arabella says:

    Beautiful pics and congrats on your first vlog! I’m also looking to start vlogging with a trip – it seems like the best way to ease into it.


    1. bykaja says:

      thank you! and yes it’s definitely the best way to start, and a nice souvenir from the trip 🙂

      1. BluSkyder28 says:

        Hello can you please tell me the name of the songs used in the video(used in the first vlog of the Vietnam trip).Thank you.You should have 100.000 subs. 🙂

      2. bykaja says:

        it’s Danrell X Småland – Hostage, thank you, that’s really nice of you 🙂

  2. Trinh Nguyen says:

    Hi Kaja, the hotel looked very clean! could u maybe tell me in which one u stayed and if you recommended it? Thanks a lot in advance :)! PS Loved the video and the music, very relaxing to watch!

    1. bykaja says:

      Hi 🙂 I stayed at Edenstar Saigon Hotel, and yeah it was a pretty nice hotel 🙂 thank you!

      1. Trinh Nguyen says:

        Hi Kaja,

        Thanks for the quick reply! I will look up the hotel! 🙂

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