Throwback to two years ago, summer of 2013, right before I moved to China, I went on a trip with my family to visits our family in Canada, and we’ve also spend a couple of days in Chicago. If you want to see my Canadian part of the trip click here. This was my very first time in Chicago, and I honestly was surprised how cool Chicago was. Growing up we all knew New York was cool, Los Angeles was cool (I don’t really agree with that one though) but no one told us that that Chicago was cool, and it really is. The city surprised me by it mix of new and old architecture, everything blending in with each other perfectly. I must say, in my memory Chicago is a very classy and beautiful city. The weather was great, the sky was blue, and on top of that there was a lake and very nice clean beach. Cities that are located by the water always end up being more fun and interesting. Lake Michigan is huge, so it almost looks like a sea, and there is a cute little beach in downtown area, where you can rent a sun chair and you can even swim in the water. It was nice to have both beach and city holiday, all in one. I must admit though that the rooftop pool at our hotel made me understand why this city is called the Windy City, it was so windy up there that you couldn’t really enjoy it! And I don’t even want to get into American size food portions… I still remember that gnocchi I got in Italian district of Chicago, and it was more than two years ago! so it really was a very good gnocchi, and I could barely finish it, which means that the portion must to be gigantic. Great memories, I definitely hope to come back one day. DSC_0114_FotorDSC_0119_Fotor DSC_0092_FotorDSC_0069_Fotor  DSC_0082_FotorDSC_0053_Fotor   DSC_0073_Fotor DSC_0086_FotorDSC_0122_Fotor DSC_0123_Fotor DSC_0130_Fotor DSC_0465_Fotor DSC_0489_Fotor DSC_0494_Fotor   DSC_0108_Fotor DSC_0110_Fotor    DSC_0077_Fotor DSC_0115_FotorDSC_0081_Fotor  DSC_0003_Fotor  DSC_0091_FotorDSC_0083_Fotor

4 thoughts on “CHICAGO

  1. Alice says:

    Amazing pics as ever doll, love your style!

    Alice Cerea,
    Alice Cerea blogger

    1. bykaja says:

      thank you 🙂

  2. Floortje says:

    Chicago is really one of my favorite cities, it’s so inspiring! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!




    1. bykaja says:

      I totally agree! thank you for stoping by 🙂 xx

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