DSC_0209_Fotor  DSC_0216_Fotor DSC_0233_FotorDSC_0262_FotorI was recently looking for something on my old computer and I accidentally found these pictures. It was my last trip to North America, in summer 2013. We were visiting our family in Canada, and we’ve also stayed in Chicago for a couple of days (Chicago post coming soon). During these last two years a lot has happened and a lot has changed. I lived in China and I’ve discovered Asia. By the time I took these pictures in summer 2013, I’ve traveled quiet a bit in the States and Europe, but i’ve never really seen much of Asia. So when I moved there (probably a month after my Canada/ Chicago trip) I was completely fascinated by this new world. New countries and cultures so different than anything I’ve ever knew. And I almost completely forgot about this trip to Toronto, so when I’ve recently found these pictures, I was surprised how much I actually like them. It’s a different world from what I’ve seen during the last two years. Shiny skyscrapers, but no crazy colours or signs, just white, blue and silver. Wide, clean streets, green trees, blue clean sky, green fields everywhere and endless freeways. It has it’s own beauty, as everything in this world.    DSC_0212_FotorDSC_0219_Fotor   DSC_0281_Fotor DSC_0289_FotorDSC_0269_FotorDSC_0230_Fotor   DSC_0225_FotorDSC_0250_Fotor DSC_0254_Fotor  DSC_0264_Fotor  DSC_0277_Fotor DSC_0235_FotorDSC_0278_FotorDSC_0246_FotorDSC_0274_FotorDSC_0244_FotorDSC_0291_Fotor DSC_0325_Fotor DSC_0390_Fotor

The bridge from the US to CanadaDSC_0402_Fotor


4 thoughts on “TORONTO, CANADA

  1. Alice says:

    Hey that’s amazing, these pics looks cool!

    Alice Cerea,
    Alice Cerea blogger

  2. Justyna Lafayette says:

    So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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