Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, fondued in the 1950’s, is one of the most known Buddhist temples in Hong Kong and one of Hong Kong’s top attractions. I went there on a sunny Sunday morning while staying in Hong Kong over the summer. We got up early in hope to see the temple before the crowds, and took train from Hong Kong Island to the New Territories. New Territories is the less urbanised part of Hong Kong, close to the border with China, it has more of local slash small town vibe, very different from Hong kong Island, so it was also super interesting to see this part of the city.

The whole trick about visiting the monastery is that you have to find it, and trust me it’s not that easy. It’s hidden in the forest on a mountain, and in order to get there you need to find a little alley located right by Grand Central Plaza, hidden in-between banana palm trees. Wear comfortable footwear, because you need to make it through 430 steps up the hill. The stairs are surrounded by green forest and gold Buddha statues, so it’s quiet an experience itself, and the view from the top of the monastery is also very rewarding. You find yourself in deep green hills, surrounded by the nature, overseeing the city, feeling like you’ve just been transformed to a completely different universe, and in the middle of that, there is one of the most colourful temples I’ve ever seen.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is literally full of colours, gold, flowers, ornaments and there are Buddhas everywhere, so I’m pretty sure that there actually are ten thousand Buddhas around. This place shows a completely different side of Hong Kong, and gives you a chance to learn more about its culture. It felt like a very cheerful and positive place to be, plus the difficulties of getting there or finding the actual way to the temple keep many people away, so it was almost empty. It gives you possibility to wonder around, and enjoy, or run around and take pictures of everything like a crazy person, if you wish to do so 😉 It’s a a definite must while visiting Hong Kong!

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