DSC_0100 (2)_FotorDSC_0075 (2)_FotorDSC_0126_FotorDSC_0009 (1)_Fotor  DSC_0072_Fotor

The second part of my Summer in Hong Kong photo series. Incredible, exciting and super fun summer, that I spent in University of Hong Kong, doing a summer course about creativity in East Asia, living in two different hotels and a student dorm, hanging out around the city with new and old friends, discovering different parts of Hong Kong, beautiful beaches, tropical islands and in general just enjoying life to the fullest. As I wrote in here maybe about 1000 times I freaking love Hong Kong. I felt connection to this place sine the very first time I’ve visited and I knew I wanted to come back for a bit longer to fully explore the city, because in Hong Kong there is simply so much to explore. It’a a huge melting pot of old and new, traditions and modernisation, western and Chinese culture. Definitely one of the coolest and most photogenic places I’ve ever seen. Here is first part of my summer in Hong Kong series and HK through my iPhone and in case you want to see it in motion here are my videos about my summer in HK. Enjoy! 🙂  DSC_0087_FotorDSC_0412 (1)_Fotor  DSC_0320_Fotor DSC_0390 (1)_Fotor DSC_0017 (1)_Fotor DSC_0026 (1)_Fotor DSC_0132 (1)_FotorDSC_0333 (1)_Fotor DSC_0068_FotorDSC_0351_Fotor DSC_0352 (1)_Fotor  DSC_0378_Fotor DSC_0272 (1)_Fotor  DSC_0402 (1)_Fotor    DSC_0310 (1)_FotorDSC_0326_FotorDSC_0356_Fotor

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