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I spent this summer in Hong Kong, one of the most amazing, crazy and inspiring places I’ve ever seen. I felt a deeper connection with this city, ever since I’ve visited it for the very first time almost two years ago. It’s a melting pot of cultures, modern and traditional world, Chinese and western, buzzing city and beautiful nature. Even the plus 30 C degrees weather couldn’t stop me from carrying my camera almost everywhere I went, because Hong Kong is just too freaking amazing, and the result of that is this photo diary. I have way too many pictures for one post, so this one will probably be the first of three photo diaries. You will get a bit of everything. I really wanted to show different sides of Hong Kong and give you a taste of how diverse this city can be. From modern skyscrapers of Central, business district of HK, to colourful apartments of Causeway Bay, the more traditional side of HK island. Exotic fruit markets and crazy, busy streets of Mong Kok, to peaceful white sand beaches and beautiful green islands. I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂

If you want to hear more about why I’m so crazy about this place go and check out my Hong Kong iPhone memories or my Hong Kong video diaries 🙂DSC_0162_Fotor DSC_0119 (1)_FotorDSC_0238_FotorDSC_0523_Fotor DSC_0233_FotorDSC_0221_FotorDSC_0748_FotorDSC_0340_FotorDSC_0329_Fotor     DSC_0448_FotorDSC_0362_FotorDSC_0115 (2)_Fotor IMG_6733_FotorDSC_0573_Fotor DSC_0438_FotorDSC_0728_Fotor   DSC_0858_Fotor_FotorDSC_0001_Fotor_FotorDSC_0465_FotorDSC_0471_FotorDSC_0747_Fotor DSC_0018_Fotor_FotorDSC_0336_FotorDSC_0478_FotorDSC_0735_FotorIMG_6333_FotorDSC_0472_FotorIMG_6742_FotorDSC_0289_FotorDSC_0203_FotorDSC_0379_FotorDSC_0484_Fotor

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