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My love affair with this city started about 2 year ago, when I was 20 and living in Shanghai. Everyone was saying how amazing Hong Kong is, and I knew that I had to visit it before I leave Asia. I remember my very first evening in Hong Kong, we arrived late and went out to get some snacks, and old Chinese lady bumped into me, and to my surprise she did not only apologise to me, but she also did it in perfect fluent English. From that moment I could feel that city was different than everything else I’ve seen in Asia.

For me Hong Kong is an incredible mix between Asian and western culture, plus it has its own unique identity. It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen in China, or anything I’ve seen in any western country. It is a modern city, but don’t let yourself be fooled by anyone saying that this city has nothing else to offer than modern skyscrapers. It’s the biggest bullshit ever, and again I don’t even know, how anyone can come up with this statement. Sure there are a few skyscrapers here (or more than I ever seen anywhere before, including New York) but if you make a little effort to come out of central area of HK you will be able to see so much more.

Causeway Bay on HK Island is a mix between the traditional and the new, crazy and hectic melting pot of colours, building, sign, commercials, restaurant, shops and people. Shek O, located on HK island, only an half hour away from the city, is a peaceful, colourful, little village, with incredible white sand beach and very little sing of any modern civilisation. Mong Kok is more traditional neighbourhood, with Chinese vibe, you can find some amazing street food here (egg waffles and bubble tea are a must! 😉 )different markets, shops and basically everything else you will ever need in life. Tai O fishing village, at Lantau Island, is a place where it seems like the time stands still. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, a beautiful, traditional temple, full of colours and flowers, located on a mountain overlooking the city (post about this one coming soon). And of course the islands of Hong Kong! There are so many islands around the city, where you will find no skyscrapers, cars and not that many people. There are all very easily accessible by ferry, which is not very pricey, and usually takes from half to an hour to get there. If you’re planing on visiting HK, do yourself a favour and visit at least one of HK’s islands. It will give you a totally different perspective of Hong Kong and its culture. The ones I’ve seen are Lamma, Cheung Chau and Lantau, and I can’t even tell you which one I like the most because there are all so different, unique and beautiful.

Not many people know that actually majority of Hong Kong is not the huge building we usually see in media, but beautiful nature. Hills, forests, beaches, you’ve got it all. And after this little advertisement for Hong Kong ;D if you’re still not fully convinced that Hong Kong should be the place to put on the very top of your travel bucket list, I encourage you to see my pictures. My HK photo diary from my actual camera is still in the making but in the mean time I will show you my iPhone pictures. These are my favourite pictures that i took during this summer in HK. I love taking pictures with an actual camera, that takes a bit more effort than pressing a button, but in over 30 C degrees heat and crazy humidity caring a heavy camera is not always my preferable option. The beauty of a phone is that it comes with you everywhere, it takes you a split second to take a picture and you can use it in every unexpected moments, and these often turn out to be the best one, right? 🙂  IMG_6273_FotorIMG_6239_FotorIMG_6288_FotorIMG_6733_FotorIMG_6375_FotorDSC_0300_FotorIMG_6650_FotorIMG_6768_FotorIMG_6204_FotorIMG_6333_FotorIMG_6289_FotorIMG_6397_Fotor   IMG_6742_Fotor IMG_6777_Fotor  IMG_6786_Fotor      IMG_6234_FotorIMG_6287_Fotor    IMG_6412_Fotor  IMG_6542_Fotor  IMG_6550_Fotor IMG_6770_Fotor IMG_6609_Fotor   IMG_6602_FotorIMG_6060_FotorIMG_6691_Fotor IMG_6759_FotorIMG_6082_FotorIMG_6052_Fotor


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