DSC_0088_FotorDSC_0040 (1)_FotorIMG_5674_FotorDSC_0025_FotorThere is no better way to celebrate very first below 0 degrees than a post from summer! 😉 It’s not really below 0 yet, but because of the wind it does feel like minus, ahh lovely Scandi weather…

So let me take you back to the days when it was about 30 degrees by the Polish sea and I actually got burned, and I never get burned! I’m super careful about it when I go abroad to warmer places, but when I went to Międzyzdroje this summer, i did’t even think that weather could be that good. Międzyzdroje is a cute little Polish town, right be the sea, with really long and wide white sand beaches. If you’re Polish it’s impossible to not know this place, it’s probably one of the most known summer locations in the country, plus it has something ala Hollywood walk of fame, just a Polish version. Although the town is not very big, in summer it comes alive. There are tons of people everywhere, tons of good ice-cream shops, you can find waffles on every corner, which is a very Polish thing to eat especially during summer with whipped cream and fruits, and there are many amazing restaurants selling fresh fish. There is something nice about spending holidays in your home country, I don’t know why but the first word that comes to my mind when I think about it is cozy, there is something cozy about spending a couple of days by the Polish sea 🙂

DSC_0038_FotorDSC_0019_FotorDSC_0011 (1)_FotorDSC_0012 (1)_FotorDSC_0009_FotorIMG_5645_FotorDSC_0009_Fotor


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