Flared pants are one of these things that seem weird at first, and than you either love them or you still think they are weird. I personally love them, but I do think they are a bit weird. After years and years of wearing skinny jeans I’m finally getting out there in search of different options. Lately I’ve been really into mom/ girlfriend jeans and anything 80’s/ 90’s inspired, and most important of all, anything that is comfortable. I found myself in a life position where i did own many pair of jeans and yet I was wearing leggings 90% of the time, because that was simply the most comfortable option. I decided that something needs to be done, and I finally bought a pair of pants that is actually comfortable. These flared pants are made of very soft leggings alike fabric, and yet I think that they are super cool and edgy. It’s definitely something new and fresh, and there is nothing better than a breeze of fresh air in your life 😉

I’m not even gonna start on how awesome this blue doors is?! Probably one of my favourite shooting location in Copenhagen ever. I saw them on a way to a friend’s house and I knew that there were meant to be. I love light blue, neutral colours, old architecture and this classy vibes. So now when i walk around the city I look after good looking doors and every time I find anything I make a note in my phone 😉

pants: Asos / jacket: H&M / sweater: Forever 21 / shoes: Adidas DSC_0026_Fotor_Fotor_Collage


  1. Floortje says:

    Obsessed with blue doors! haha. Great outfit girl, love the flared jeans



    1. bykaja says:

      thank you! 😉

  2. itgirlguide says:

    Great article dear! Your blog is amazing!


    1. bykaja says:

      thank you so much! that’s so nice of you 🙂

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