Shek O is a little heaven on Earth. It’s a little paradise, that I’ve almost missed when I stayed in Hong Kong over the summer. In general my stay in Hong Kong was very active, every single day I would explore new parts of the city, hang out with new people and try new food, but for some reason I never made it to Shek O. I knew it was a popular beach destination, but when i finally went there, literally two days before I left Hong Kong, it was not the beach that amazed me the most. The architecture of this place was freaking amazing! Definitely one of the cutest little villages I’ve ever seen. Full of colourful houses, palm trees, flowers and surfboards, surrounded blue green hills and blue water. Can you really ask for more?  

The journey to Shek O itself was amazing. If you’re traveling by public transportation, you need to take the metro to Shau Kei Wan, which is on the east part of Hong Kong Island. I’ve never been to this part of the island before, and it had more of a local vibe, which always ends up being most interesting than the touristy parts. After getting of MTR at Shau Kei Wan station you get on a bus, that goes through the hills and forests of Shek O Country Park. The views are honestly incredible, the green hills, blue water and very little civilisation. I had a hard time believing that I’m still on Hong Kong Island.

I arrived in Shek O with one though on my mind, beach. I brought my towel and a book, not much else, I didn’t even bring my camera, which I basically brought almost everywhere with me in Hong Kong, since this city is so freaking incredible and photogenic. As soon as I arrived and saw this cute, little colourful village I seriously regretted not bering my camera. I delated half of the pictures of my iphone (which is always out fo space for some reason, no matter how much i delete) and walked around the streets taking pictures of everything like a crazy. Not mentioning that I was probably the only person there!? If that would be Spain or Italy during summer time, this place would be packed with turists!  Overall Shek O was very different than everything else that I’ve seen in Hong Kong, very unique in its own way, which is another great proof of how much Hong Kong has to offer. And for those who are saying that Hong Kong is just a big, modern city, I can’t even tell you how wrong these people are. Just look at the pictures, does that look like Hong Kong that you usually see?

After the stroll I bought some fresh fruits and noodles (yes little weird to eat noodles at the beach but I decided to be adventurous and do it the Asian way) than I got an umbrella and a sun chair from this nice Chinese lady and spent the day reading my book, snacking on fruits and swimming in warm, crystal clear, blue water, and it was such a good day. I kind of needed a reminder of that, since the days here are getting shorter, darker and colder and school is getting more intens. I’ve heard this quote recently “ Think about last time you felt really excited? not because of something that happened or something that was coming, but because of something that was happening right now” and I thought about this day when I discovred Shek O.

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