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If anyone ever tells you that Hong Kong is all about the big city, don’t believe them. If you come to Hong Kong and choose not to make an effort to get out of the busy Hong Kong Island or Kowloon it might be the case, but only 30 min boat ride and about 20 HK dollars can transport you to a totally different world. Lamma Island is Hong Kong’s hidden paradise. It’s a green hilly island, not far away form the city, but yet so different. There are no cars on the island, only green hills, forests, beautiful beaches and cute little colourful fisherman villages. 

We took a ferry from Central on a Saturday morning, and after a few minutes the skyscrapers were gone and all you could see was the blue see, and green, rocky islands. I recommend you to take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan and do the Family Walk, which is basically about 7 km long route taking you all across the island from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan, where you can take the ferry back to Hong Kong Island. Family Walk is quiet easy, beside few places where it goes up the hill, but otherwise I’m pretty sure everyone can handle it. It shows you the diversity of the island and there are plenty of beautiful sights on the way where you just can’t pass without taking trillions of pictures. The highlights for me were the beautiful empty beaches, banana palm trees and stands were you could buy fresh coconuts or pineapples, which were sooo good.

if you’re coming to Hong Kong, you can’t miss this place.

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