I came across this term “grandma chic” few days ago and I thought it was a good description for this little bit crazy pink, oversized, mohair sweater. It wasn’t love from the first sight, it was more of being weirded out from the first sight. I spotted it in a little vintage shop in Paris last spring, I’ve tried it on and I left without it. After a stroll thought this really cool Parisian neighbourhood, which name I can’t remember, I came to a realisation that this pink, granny sweater might be just what I need in life. So I came back and I bought it. I was force to wear it at the airport on my way back to Copenhagen, since a sweater like this doesn’t really fit in a carry-on luggage very well (especially if it’s a carry-on for a trip to Paris) and I definitely got some looks here and there. But today I would definitely say, that this is one the most interesting and unique pieces in my closet, and getting it was so worth it. It’s funny, how sometimes stuff that are weird and unique and have nothing to do with your personal style, end up being your favourite ones 🙂

sweater: Vintage (similar) / overalls: Top Shop / top: Top Shop / bag: Mulberry / sunglasses: Ray Ban


9 thoughts on “GRANNY CHIC

  1. Valentina says:

    I’m in love with your fluffy vest. The colour is simply gorgeous!

  2. so damn fab

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