Cheung Chau Island was a big surprise, and now looking back at my photo diary I’m even more surprised how much I like it. These pictures are probably my favourite from the whole trip to Hong Kong. There was so much diversity at Cheung Chau, so many interesting things to photograph. White-sand beaches, blue water, green hills, traditional little villages, fisherman boats, street food stands, seashells and beautiful nature everywhere you looked. I’ve heard about the popular Lamma Island (which was pretty amazing as well, more about that in the next post) but never about Cheung Chau.

A local recommended it to us saying that it’s “less western, and more local and traditional”, so exactly what you’re looking for as a westerner in a foreign country. It’s about one hour boat ride from Central at Hong Kong Island, but it feels like 100 years away. There are no cars at the island, no crowds, no skyscrapers, no one is rushing anywhere, a big change when you’re coming form the busy Hong Kong Island. The houses are pastel, beaches are empty and there are bikes and exotic plants and flowers everywhere. If you would ever get a chance to do a shoot in Hong Kong, I would choose Cheung Chau.

DSC_0203_Fotor DSC_0225_Fotor DSC_0235_Fotor DSC_0243_Fotor DSC_0245_Fotor DSC_0273_FotorDSC_0249_Fotor DSC_0262_Fotor DSC_0210_Fotor DSC_0257_FotorDSC_0214_FotorDSC_0300_FotorDSC_0279_Fotor DSC_0281_Fotor DSC_0301_FotorDSC_0286_Fotor DSC_0280_FotorDSC_0287_Fotor

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