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You might have noticed crazy amount of off shoulder- everything lately. I was definitely ready to hope on the trend from the very beginning, and started my hunt for a perfect off shoulder top or a dress early on, but it turned out that it was hard to find anything that I could describe as even close to comfortable. If I could give you one piece of advice in this very important matter I would say, if you want to wear anything that is off shoulder it needs to be comfortable and the fabric needs to be soft because otherwise, you will never wear it. After countless search in Copenhagen I found what I was looking for in Top Shop in Hong Kong. A nice simple black/ dark blue off shoulder dress, perfect for summer. And the fact that I got it in Hong Kong, on a warm (way too warm) summer night while shopping with some friends, makes it so much more special. I love buying clothes when I’m traveling, they become the best souvenirs and bring back the good memories every time I wear them.

And the first time I wore this dress is a really good memory as well. It was the first time we went to the beach in Stanley. We decided to go there, although we’ve been told, that Stanley is very western (which is pretty true) so it wouldn’t be interesting for us. But we ended up going, and I’m so glad that we did, because Stanley ended up being my favourite place in Hong Kong. Stanley is a little town located in the south of Hong Kong Island, only 15 to 30 min drive from the city. I feel like I say it a lot, but the drive to Stanley itself is so worth it. It’s a short drive but the scenery changes completely, from big city full of people and crazy high skyscrapers to idyllic hills covered in forests and beautiful beaches and sea.

If you’re in Hong Kong, don’t think about it as only a place for a city holiday, Hong Kong is also a great place for exploring the nature! And yes Stanley might be slight western with a lot of expats hanging around and a pizza place but if you ask me, a piece of pizza on a beach is only a good thing. So go to Stanley, get yourself a piece of pizza and a fresh coconut (they sell them everywhere! and they are sooo good) and walk about 5-10 minutes east of Stanley and there you have the pretties little beach. It’s hidden among the trees and there are not many people there, so it usually really calm and relaxing and the view you get at the beach is amazing, green hills, blue water and little islands on horizon. You won’t regret it. I miss it already!

dress: top Shop / shoes: Birkenstock / sunglasses: Ray Ban 

IMG_6398_FotorDSC_0616_Fotor DSC_0605_FotorIMG_6390_FotorDSC_0595_FotorIMG_6435_FotorDSC_0634_FotorDSC_0563_FotorDSC_0573_FotorDSC_0635_FotorDSC_0570_FotorDSC_0637_FotorDSC_0628_FotorIMG_6439_FotorIMG_6400_FotorIMG_6409_Fotor


  1. Rochelle says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    Good vibes Fox

    1. bykaja says:

      thank you! 🙂

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