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If I would have to describe Hong Kong in one world I would say heaven. Hong Kong is a freaking paradise. What I love about it is, that no other city combines the urban and rural aspects so well as Hong Kong. Crazy, busy, hectic city and beautiful, breath-taking nature, you can find it all here. And I feel that many people don’t know that. People know about the skyscrapers and crazy Chinese signs hanging everywhere, but not many know about beautiful beaches, forests, mountains and islands. I felt in love with Hong Kong the very first time I visited and since than I knew I wanted to come back, and this time I wanted to stay long enough so I could not only get to know the city better but also see all the nature surrounding it.

I missed Asia and since my major is Asian Business going back made perfect sense 😉 So I came up with an idea to be a little bit more productive in summer than usual and apply for a summer programme at Hong Kong University. For all of you that are weirded out by me being willing to study in summer, I didn’t actually want to “study”. I just wanted to experience the student life in another part of the world again and listen to some interesting stuff for a couple of hours a day, and that’s it. The course that I chose was Creative Industries in East Asian, and it was everything I wanted a summer course to be. Very interesting, fun but not really too demanding. It was not the kind of course where you actually had to write down notes or study really hard. We would just come to class, listen to interesting lectures, have some cool discussion and compare how certain things work in different countries. So that’s what I did in Hong Kong for a month! I went to uni, I lived in a dorm, which was awesome, made a lot of new friends and great memories. Besides going to school, every day we would go to different parts of the city, different beach or island, and as a result of that I have tons of pictures, so get ready for a lot of Hong Kong updates 🙂

IMG_6924_Fotortop:Envii / shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch / sneakers: AdidasDSC_0159_FotorIMG_6119_FotorIMG_6044_FotorIMG_6060_Fotor

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