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During our stay in Taiwan we’ve been recommended to go on a day trip to Yehliu Geopark, and I would recommend anyone visiting Taipei to do the same. Yehliu Geopark, located right be the ocean, is known for quite unusual rock formations. I would describe their shapes as something between a mushroom and a club, definitely not anything I ever seen before.

The huge plus of this attraction is, that it’s located only about 40 min drive from Taipei (1,5 hour by bus), so it’s quiet easily accessible. And as you might know it’s often not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. In this case destination is really interesting as well, but the journey it not much worse. You drive on a modern highway overlooking Taipei, than through little towns and villages and get a little taste of “real” Taiwan and than finally through some amazing nature, deep green forests, palm trees and on top of that the cost line is really beautiful. I’ve seen some pretty amazing beaches on the way, so it’s also a good place for a beach day 😉

Taiwan was an awesome, interesting and beautiful place, really worth visiting! I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I’m so happy that i got to see it and I hope I will get a chance to come back and see more. and now off to Hong Kong! 😉 get ready for tons of pictures..

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4 thoughts on “YEHLIU, TAIWAN 野柳

  1. Katie says:

    I love your look, it’s perfect to travel in! It looks like you’re having a great time!


    1. bykaja says:

      thank you! 🙂

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