Ahh Taipei, you definitely impressed me. I hope I will get a change to come back one day and that temperature will be slightly lower so I will not melt to the ground as soon as I step outside. Almost 40 C degrees is not what I call perfect sightseeing weather, but these couple of days I spent in Taipei were still super awesome. The city has everything what I love about Asia, mix between traditional and modern, skyscrapers, food markets, colours, energy. Some of the highlights of my trips were visiting the colourful and peaceful Buddhist temple in heart of an old district of Taipei, full of markets, street food and shops selling unidentified objects, city view from Taipei’s highest building Taipei 101 and meeting a good friend in a cute little shave ice shop. Taiwanese shave ice and Taiwanese style bubble tea are soo freaking good, not mentioning the dumplings, there are definitely a lot of good reasons to visit Taiwan.

DSC_1267_FotorIMG_5964_Fotor_CollageDSC_0086_FotorDSC_1301_FotorDSC_0100_FotorDSC_0139_FotorDSC_1247_Fotor_Fotor_CollageDSC_0077_FotorDSC_1255_FotorDSC_0095_FotorDSC_1273_FotorDSC_1298_FotorIMG_5831_FotorDSC_0021_Fotor DSC_0025_Fotor DSC_0029_Fotor DSC_0056_Fotor  IMG_5989IMG_5976IMG_5801_FotorDSC_0043_Fotor DSC_0032_FotorDSC_0054_Fotor DSC_0056_Fotor DSC_0093_Fotor DSC_0100_Fotor DSC_1226_Fotor DSC_0089_Fotor

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