1. See Palace of Culture and Science

This is definitely one of the coolest buildings and also my favourite in Warsaw. It makes the Warsaw’s skyline so much more unique and interesting, and I love the contrast of this old and classic building with all the modern skyscrapers surrounding it. You can also go on top of the Palace of Culture and Science and see the Warsaw from above, I would highly recommend it.

  1. Take a walk through Nowy Świat

Nowy Świat/ Krakowskie Przedmieście are one of the prettiest old streets in Warsaw, full of shops, restaurants and cafes, always buzzing with people. Great place for a walk, and a coffee break in one of many coffee shops.


  1. The Old Town

Warsaw’s old city is a must! Beautiful old architecture, charming historical houses and good restaurants (try Polka, one of my favourites in Warsaw, or grab a waffle or a bread with mushrooms and melted cheese at the street). If you’re into a bit more hardcore sightseeing, go inside the Royal Castle, it’s beautiful.

  1. Eat pierogi (Polish dumplings) and Polish doughnuts!

For me eating is always highlight of every trip to Poland! There are so many delicious Polish dishes you should try, but pierogi and doughnuts are definitely a must!


  1. Take a break at Ogród Saski

It’s a beautiful old park, located right next to Old Town and Nowy Świat, good place for a break while sightseeing.

  1. See Warsaw by night from the bar on top of Mariott Hotel

Marriott is one of the tallest buildings in Warsaw and it has a bar on top. It’s a great place to see the view while sipping on a fancy drink.


  1. Step by a Church

And we do have many of them, and some are really beautiful. I would recommend Church of St. Anna, located right by the Old Town, it’s seriously a piece of art.


  1. Shop at Złote Tarasy

No comment needed, shopping is always a good idea.

  1. See the Isle Palace and peacocks in beautiful Łazienki Park

This is one of my personal favourites in Warsaw, another beautiful old park with charming restaurants, beautiful alleys, summer Palace and lake surrounded by peacocks. A good place for a walk, cup of tea or some ice cream.

  1. Learn about Poland’s rich culture at The National Museum

I feel like it helps a lot to understand a country and its background when you know a little bit more about it. You don’t necessary have to kill yourself with a whole day trip, but an hour or two can really change your perspective of a place you’re about to explore.

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My Warsaw video diary


3 thoughts on “TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN WARSAW

  1. Floortje says:

    I would love to go to Warsaw one day. Thanks for your tips!



  2. danielle says:

    these photos are awesome, i would love to visit one day!

    1. bykaja says:

      thank you! you definitely should 🙂

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