Making these little videos has been a big passion of my lately, and although I’m still far from being good at it I still love it! It’s so much fun and it’s just brings back all the good memories! It’s almost like living it all over and over again. So since I’m in the middle of my exam period (literally in the middle, I’m done with marketing and international relation in Asia and I have to more to go!) I thought I will put up my two favourite videos I made so far. The very first one from my Asian home, Shanghai, and the last one from my recent trip to Paris. I hope you will enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “VIDEOS

  1. Great videos!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    1. bykaja says:

      thank you! xx

  2. To be honest, you’re seriously not bad at all. The videos are really fun to watch, I love them. I’m actually going to start on making them as well, just like you said, the memories just come back.

    1. bykaja says:

      that’s so nice of you! thank you 🙂 xx

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