I’m in the middle of the most hated time of the year aka exams time. It leaves me no time to actually enjoy life or do anything valuable for the blog, so I thought I will share some of my old Shanghai pictures. Although most of them were just quick iphone snaps of a street or food I was about to eat, now from a time perspective they all look really cool and exotic to me. 

Shanghai is truly an incredible city. It’s huge and interesting, every corner can be different. From extremely old and traditional to extremely new and modern. You can get it all in Shanghai. Not mentioning all these amazing foods. I can’t believe that back than I was eating noodles and dumplings craving dark bread and cheese, and now my fridge is full of cheese and I really miss noodles and dumplings, life.

IMG_4937IMG_4743IMG_4711IMG_5123IMG_6816 IMG_5497IMG_8969IMG_5506IMG_4704IMG_5343IMG_5452 IMG_5455 1391570_10202618583289469_1867028227_n IMG_51041395190_10202618551888684_1133811066_n 1452077_10202618588649603_981576882_n IMG_5698IMG_5739IMG_7975IMG_5745 IMG_5701 IMG_5699 1450950_10202782499187264_1500552311_nIMG_5854IMG_7965IMG_5981 582001_10202934398344648_326688630_n IMG_6325 IMG_6331 IMG_6365IMG_7828 IMG_7815 IMG_9546 IMG_9550IMG_8471IMG_8598 IMG_9526


  1. I would love to go one day! It looks like a different world (I mean compared to Europe and placed say like Cambridge) 😉 xx

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