I love heights and my favourite thing to do while traveling (beside eating of course) is to see cities from above. My friend took me to Terrasse du Printemps Haussmann and I can say without a doubt it was one of the best views I ever seen in my life.It was simply breathtaking. Paris is so beautiful. You don’t even have to go too high to see this amazing view. It’s only 9th floor, but since there are not really that many tall buildings in Paris, it’s definitely enough. Plus it’s completely free. Definitely way better option than Eiffel Tower, where you have to stand in a line for hours and than you can’t really see that much since Eiffel is so much taller than the rets of the city. If you’re in Paris, you simply can’t miss it! 🙂DSC_1018DSC_1035DSC_1007DSC_1037DSC_1041 DSC_1001

One thought on “PARIS FROM ABOVE

  1. great view, Paris is always magnificent

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