1. See Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay Sands and especially its iconic rooftop pool are one of the most known landmarks in Singapore. Beside that, there is a huge shopping center underneath Marina Bay Sands and the promenade in front of the Hotel is a great place to admire Singapore’s modern skyline. The gardens by the Bay are definitely worth to visit! They’re beautiful, exotic,  green; full of palm trees, colourful plants and of course the “Avatar trees”. Definitely my favourite place in Singapore!

  1. Grab a drink on top of Marina Bay Sands and see the view

The rooftop bar of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Ku De Ta, is a must! That’s where you can get the breathtaking 360-view of Singapore (with a drink in your hand).

DSC_01363. Shop at Orchard Street

Singapore’s main shopping street, worth checking out. My favourite thing in Singapore was ending the day on Orchard with a cup of tea or coffee chatting and watching people passing by.

4. Don’t miss the Night Safari

If you love animals like I do the Night Safar is the coolest thing ever! It’s not like any other zoo I’ve seen before. Animals seem to have much more space and also everything is done so well, that it almost looks like their natural environment. Beside that you go there at night, which gives you that extra special feeling and everything is more mysterious and real. It almost feels like you’re walking in a real jungle. Both my friend and I loved it!DSC_0973

5. Go to Sentosa Island; have fun at Universal Studio and hang out at the beach

It’s a whole day activity. Sentosa is basically an entertainment island. You can try some rides at Universal Studio and than hang out by the beach or in one of many beach bars or restaurants.
 6. Eat at a food court

The cool thing about Singapore is that it’s a mix of Chinese, Indian and Malay culture. And is there a better way to explore a new culture than through food? Food courts offer different cuisines and common sitting area in the middle, so you can try all different types of food in one place. Plus it’s interesting to eat where the locals eat. You can try Maxwell Road ot Lau Pa Sat.DSC_0032

7. Grab a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel

I know drinking again, but Singapore Sling is the most known Singaporean drink, and the Raffels Hotel is a very iconic place.

8. See Little India and China Town

Singapore is melting pot of different cultures and these two neighbourhoods represent it very well. Trust me being in little India felt almost like being back in India again! Tons of Indian shops, food, temples, flowers!

 9. Singapore flyer

It’s Singapore’s London Eye, and again a good place to see Singapore from above.


 10. Hang out with Merlion

Merlion, half lion half fish is the symbol of Singapore. You can find it in Merlion Park in the modern distric of Singapore, right by the water. Great place to relax and take few shoots of Marina Bay (it’s the opposite side of the bay).


See my Singapore Photo Diary 🙂


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