January is coming to an end and surprisingly it was a month full of sun (and Chinese). I got to spend some time in sunny Spain with my beloved Chinese books as the oral Chinese exam was waiting for me at the very end of January. But now I’m done, the new semester in uni is about to begin and I’m ready to take care of my little blog. So here it is, the first series of pictures from Gran Canaria, little European heaven on earth in the middle of the winter.

I didn’t know what to expect and most important of all what kind of weather should I preper myself for. I’ve heard some stories about cold water, overcrowded tourist attraction and generally, small island and not that much to do. I must say, I have no idea where these stories came from but this is so not true. Gran Canaria turned out to be amazing. Sunny, warm and beautiful and most important of all, interesting. There is plenty to do, beautiful beaches, mountains where you can hike, really cool huge dunes and of course really good food. We spend a week there and didn’t even have time to do it all. Most of time we would just relax by the pool with a book, eat delicious seafood and go for a walk. Perfect vacation in the middle of European winter.

IMG_3060IMG_2870IMG_2920IMG_2785IMG_2757IMG_2708 IMG_2757 IMG_2764IMG_2754IMG_2777

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