This jacket used to be a Korean thing. If you were not from Korea or if you didn’t have any Korean friends you couldn’t get it. Luckily now it changed and all of us non-Korean people are able to buy it. I feel like in the future it will be a really nice souvenir which will remind me of the days when I lived in this crazy place.

jacket. Fudan Jacket – t-shirt: American Apparel – pants: Zara – necklace: Marc Jacobs


4 thoughts on “FUDAN JACKET

  1. Love the look 🙂 I’m jealous of all the travel posts you have on your blog! I haven’t been back to china in years 😛

  2. Eva Halinor says:

    You are so happy to be able to travel the world and do such outfit posts! It’s very nice to see. Keep on going and make your travels as much colorful as you could do:)

  3. Adrian says:

    may i ask you where to buy the jacket ? I’m in Fudan now and can’t find it anywhere, Thanks a lot !

    1. bykaja says:

      You can only buy it from this Korean association, so the best way is to ask Korean people if they know anything 🙂 and have fun in Fudan! it’s such a cool place!

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