On a sunny day like this I love to remind myself that I live in Shanghai and there is no better way than a little downtown “trip”. Don’t get me wrong, but when you do school work, laundry or grocery shopping it’s easy to forget how unique and how different from home this place is. Every time I go downtown it hits me that I actually really do live here. And every time I take a walk at the bund it reminds me how happy I’m to be here. Shanghai is truly an amazing city.

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3 thoughts on “DOWNTOWN

  1. maria says:

    amazing city, wish i could live there some day.
    I was studying Chinese and living in Taipei for over a year and i enjoyed it and miss it so much!!!!

    I have some photos of Taiwan on my blog, you are welcome to visit..

  2. vonvogue says:

    The photos are amazing, I love how you capture people on the street, very nature :)) I assume you are learning Chinese there? Have fun ❤

    New Post: Hey Mickey
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

    1. bykaja says:

      thank you! and yes I’m 🙂

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