I decided to apply to Fudan University a few weeks before graduation. It was a very very spontaneous decision. I had no idea what to expect and almost no time to really think about it. What really helped me to make the decision was a blog I came across. It showed “real life” pictures from Fudan and the neighborhood. So I decided that if I ever go to Fudan I will make a post about it and hopefully one day it might help somebody else 🙂 


This is the gate to International student’s dorm. A lot of international students choose to live her  and I personally think that it’s a good way to meet people. Shanghai is a huge city and rush hours on the metro are not very pleasant. So living in the dorm means that you always have plenty of people around if you want to go out and explore Shanghai or if  you just want to hang out and study in the lobby.


Shanghai’s population is about 24 mln people which doesn’t leave that much space for green areas and some parks require a fee (usually 10 yuan) but Fudan is a very green place and the campus is really big, so people come her for a walk with their kids or just to take a few selfies with the flowers.


This semester I have class in this building but most of the interantional students (and usually new students) have class in Guanghua Towers (which you can see in the background).


There are two cafeterais at the campus where you can get all kinds of food for breakfest, lunch and dinner but if you want something else there are a lot of different (and usually very cheap) Chinese, Korean, Japanese or  Western resaturants all around Fudan.


There is also a bakery at the campus, where you can get bread in a shape of a pig or turtle (and sometimes even other weird shapes).


When in China Bubble milk tea from Coco  is a must try.


This is my favourite lunch place. GOOD sushi for 18 kuai (about 2 euro) that’s all I have to say.


If you crave some not Asian food (as we all do once in a while) Daxue Lu is the place to be. It’s right next to Fudan (2 minute walk) and it’s probably the most western street I’ve ever seen in Shanghai. There are some nice coffe shops, an organic food shop, gym, a Italian and Mexican restaurant and of course Pancake Day. The ultimate place after a night out.


Crossing the street in China, not always an easy thing to do.


There are a lot of shops at the campus and around it, so you don’t have to go far if you need something.

DSC_0505DSC_0506DSC_0508DSC_0509DSC_0520DSC_0529DSC_0532DSC_002588DSC_023944DSC_00247989 zzzzzzDSC_0156DSC_0527DSC_0500DSC_0208DSC_0209DSC_0210DSC_0212DSC_0213DSC_0214DSC_0216DSC_0217

If you like running as I do, there are two track fields at the South Campus, you can use them everyday after 5.40 pm.

DSC_0221DSC_0223DSC_0225 (2)DSC_0228DSC_0229DSC_0231DSC_0233DSC_0234DSC_0241

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